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On this website and it's mirrored site you will find a vast amount of information that relates to natural Geomagnetism and how it effects Human brainwave activity in certain places like Sedona, Arizona. If you watch the 14 minute video first, please spend a little time after reading the material found on both websites. Particularly the "Sedona Effect" link. Research is conducted by simultaneously monitoring and recording brainwave activity as well as Geomagnetic activity at various locations in and around Sedona. Sedona is known for it's "Vortex" energy. At the bottom of this page is another video where I discuss the "Sedona Effect".





High Definition Version Of Sedona Brainwave Synchronization




Earthstar Magazine Article.pdf                                PEN Interview  2 Hours Long

This website is a work in progress and is the result of a number of years of research in Sedona by Benjamin Lonetree. Professionally, I, Lonetree am an electrical engineer based in Phoenix, Arizona. If you have an interest in Sedona's "Vortex" energy please spend a little time and read through all the information you find here. It just might make your Sedona experience more than you hoped for.

Long hailed than a place of intense beauty. You may have heard people refer to the mysterious Sedona vortices but not truly understand what they are or how one is created.

To begin Sedona is rich in Fe2o3, (Iron Oxide), the element responsible for the red rocks, soil, and even the red color of the inner bark of trees. In addition to iron oxide the mineral Magnetite may also exist in large quantities. Concentrations of iron oxide and other metal/minerals have the effect of focusing the earth's natural geomagnetism which is produced by the Earth's molten outer core. As the outer core churns a magnetic north and south pole are created. During this process another form of magnetism is produced. It is non-dipole in nature. This magnetism has no north or south. It is just pure magnetic energy. Most of this free energy is absorbed by the primary dipole, (north/south) field but a portion of it may reach and penetrate the surface of our planet.  Within the earth non-dipole magnetism assumes the form of a "Vortex Like" (spiral or circular) shape, that exhibits up and downward motion. Metals and minerals have the tendency to align the earth's natural magnetism, this fact is the basis for many forms of metal/mineral detection systems. The crystalline like structure of the metal/mineral is such that it allows the earth's magnetic field to be focused (concentrated) through the metal/mineral deposit. A proton precession magnetometer is a tool used to detect magnetic fields concentrated in this manner and is widely used for metal/mineral exploration applications. Without getting too buried in all the science let's move forward. The United States Geological Survey (Link Above), offers data that supports my findings with regards to spiraling, (circular) magnetism. A few excerpts:

Excerpt 1: "The Precambrian crystalline basement is the most likely source of the broad magnetic high in the Sedona area. The long-wavelength nature 
of the magnetic high indicates that the source of the anomaly is buried".
Excerpt 2: "The latites, on the other hand, often are extruded from volcanic plugs and thus tend to produce intense, somewhat "circular" magnetic anomalies 
(often as magnetic lows, because the latites are generally reversely polarized)".
Excerpt 3: "Geologic structures (such as faults or igneous intrusions) often produce small magnetic fields that "distort" the main magnetic field of the Earth".
Sedona is known for it's red rocks and mountains. But deep below this beautiful land exists quartz. I discuss the part it plays in the video at the bottom of 
this page. These photos are just one example of quartz embedded in the iron oxide laden sandstone that makes Sedona so red. They are commonly found 
in rock outcroppings such as along the creek shown in one photo. A special thank you to two Sedona residents for these photos.

We all have seen geese fly north in the spring. How do they know which way north is? It's simple, they have concentrations of magnetite in their inner ear fluid. The magnetite acts as part of a biological compass for the geese. Of course other birds, mammals, etc. have this ability due to magnetite but what about humans? Studies have shown women typically have higher concentrations of magnetite in their inner ear fluid than men. Therefore they are more receptive to subtle electromagnetic energies. This fact known it does not mean men will not experience vortex energy. It simply means they may need to be more aware and alert to subtle changes while exposed to the energy.

There have been many books written on the special "Vortex" energy found in Sedona. Some say it can not be measured while others claim it to be electromagnetic in origin. After 10 years of research using Fluxgate magnetometers and large induction coils I can definitively state intense electromagnetic activity abounds in Sedona. The USGS, (United States Geological Survey), has confirmed my findings. In my opinion this magnetic activity can be correlated with Vortex energy but it does not necessarily mean  it is the only factor at work. I have recorded many intense magnetic in and outflows of energy in Sedona and it is my belief this energy is sensed by the magnetite in our inner ear fluid. Unlike the process of hearing which relies on mechanical vibration (the ear drum), to produce electrical impulses to the brain, the magnetite, as a receptor produces the impulses that through additional processes stimulate the temporal lobes of the brain. See Dr. Michael Persinger's work on temporal lobe stimulation using rotating magnetic fields below. It is also possible magnetic in and outflows directly stimulate the temporal lobes depending on their intensity as suggested by Dr. Persinger's work.

Dr. Michael_Persinger

For more information on how Geomagnetic in and outflows of magnetic energy effect the mind please see the following two links: Sedona Effect and Brainwave/Geomagnetic Synchronization

If you are planning to visit Sedona and want to experience a Vortex there are a number of books and pamphlets that provide maps of known sites. Personally I have found there are more locations than listed but the maps are a good place to start. If you are a hiker a telltale sign you are in a Vortex location is a Juniper tree that has grown in a spiral motion. The photo at the top of this page is a good example. This next photo is another.



Next are a few magnetic anomaly charts recorded in a known Vortex activity location. The first displays the magnetic field in a given location as it appears normally prior to an inflow or outflow of magnetic energy. So you have an idea of how long an event lasts, please note in this first chart each horizontal square represents one second in time. The three charts following this one are in sequence time wise so simply count all the squares horizontally to total event time. To make it easy, this particular event lasted for 90 seconds. One and one half minutes. Please click on each thumbnail for larger image.

Magnetic Disturbance Begins

Disturbance Continues

And Finally The Disturbance Subsides


In this chart you should be seeing a straight line appearance for the Earth's local magnetic field but as you can see it bows in a downward direction. This is the result of the local magnetic field changing. The effect of being subjected to the disturbance. Note the sudden drop in the bow like shape. This indicates a very intense spike in magnetic activity. Please see Excerpt 3 from the USGS report towards the top of this page.


This chart displays all three forms of Geomagnetic activity recorded in Sedona. All in the same location.


This final chart displays another very intense magnetic disturbance. This event was long in duration as each horizontal square represents 80 seconds in time! It was an outflow event.

Further evidence that Sedona and the surrounding area ranks high in magnetic anomalies can be seen in this chart which is a product of the USGS North American Magnetic Anomaly website. Geomagnetic intensity is indicated by the vertical bar graph. Sedona is off the scale being whitish pink in coloration. I have measured magnetic activity in excess of 650nT in Sedona.



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