The Energy of Sedona

By Denette France

I visited Sedona last year as part of a trip that lasted 26 days and was wowed by the natural beauty of the area and the famous vortex energy. About 40 miles from Sedona, both Paul, he was driving, and I became so tired we had to stop and have a 20-minute kip in the car. Neither of us could stay awake!

When we arrived in Sedona the energy was so much, I wondered if it was draining the surrounding countryside in order to concentrate the energy in the vortexes. This energy is subtle but strong and therefore difficult to control. So be aware if you visit, that you may end up having a row with a loved one, which happened to us totally out of the blue.

As our time there was short, we only had about eight hours to explore but I found a tourist information centre, which had, maps detailing all of the vortex sites. So we went to the Airport vortex as it offered spectacular panoramic views 365 degrees of the whole of this majestic Place. The energy in Sedona varies and had a peculiar feel to it. At times you felt as though you were on a lift going down by about a foot and then stopping and going back up by 3 inches. I also felt this way in Laughlin and at first thought it was the hotel or just me but other people were experiencing the same thing. I thought fine At least I am not going mad!

In the Airport vortex energy you feel calm and at one with the universe. You also feel heavy whilst calm. I have felt this way in other places not just in Sedona. It is a beautiful place, which catches you unaware. Your emotions in this place are often difficult to keep in check.

We left the vortex, reluctantly having sat and absorbed the energy for at least an hour maybe more, and were drawn to finding lunch. Having decided on Mexican cuisine we found a suitable restaurant with incredible views of the orange rocks, glowing on the skyline and I started feeling quite emotional, I was in awe of the place, the magnificence of the sandstone rocks and the way the Earth in her own emotional state had landscaped herself. I watched the way the sunlight caught the rugged shapes and constantly repainted the terrain. It was truly mesmerizing. I spent the first hour glued to this spectacle whilst struggling to stop the tears falling. So connected with this place I had become lost within its landscape and its soul. However, on a more practical level I also feel like this in some churches back home.

It has been almost 12 months since my visit to this incredible place and wondered how I could explain its effects on me without people thinking I was completely mad.

I met, as so often happens, a couple of Americans, on holiday in Glastonbury at last years Crop Circle symposium. They were on holiday and not at the Symposium at all and just happened to be sat at the table next to ours in ‘The Who’d A Thought It’ Public House. We got chatting and guess where they lived? Yep, Sedona! She was studying Homoeopathy (energy medicine) so we had a lot in common and we chatted about the energies of Sedona. The first time they ever visited they had a blinding row just as we had done and she explained that it is common for visitors to experience this.

This was my first confirmation of my experience and then I read the latest edition of Nexus Magazine and thought, at last I have a scientific basis for what I feel whilst in these places.

Benjamin Lonetree is an Electrical Engineer and uses sensitive instruments to tune into, record and analyze the Earth’s electromagnetic signals and notes that our ancestors were much more attuned to these subtle vibrations than we are today. He does however conclude that the electromagnetic energy was stronger in our distant past and was not diluted by ELF signals which pollute our current environment.

Using his equipment he is able to demonstrate this effect. When our brain is functioning restfully in the predominantly alpha-theta zone, we become more relaxed and peaceful. The human brain acts like an electrical circuit called a "phase locked loop". A local external electromagnetic signal, as long as it is stronger than our brain waves, initiates a resonance effect where the brain locks onto and resonates with that frequency.

He proved this theory by simultaneously observing and recording the first resonance along with local field geomagnetic activity using the fluxgate instrument, while the equipment and he were located in a Sedona vortex, which later proved this theory. What others have described from inconclusive evidence he is able to demonstrate conclusively. You can see his graphed results at: . He also states that magnetite is found in rich deposits within Sedona itself as is iron oxide all of which are great conductors of electricity. Women pick up this electromagnetic energy easier than men because they have higher than normal levels of magnetite in their inner ear fluid as was found in 80% of the tested subjects

The native American Navajo refer to Sedona as being where the Earth speaks’. Depending on the amount of Magnetite you have in your ear fluid depends on whether you are able to hear her. This is perhaps why I feel giddy in these areas at times because of the magnetism of the Earth being magnified and pulling the semicircular canal fluid peppered with the magnetite?

The article by Benjamin Lonetree entitled ‘The Siren Song of the Earth’ tells all and in much greater detail than I have space for here, but it is a fascinating article which covers the phenomena a lot of us experience but do not know why.

My only regret in visiting Sedona is that we did not have longer to explore the other vortex points. Sedona itself is on a geographical fault line and is a UFO hot spot. Hardly surprising considering the ley lines which crisscross-cross the area.

The drive into it takes you down a steep canyon, which follows the fault. Earthquakes in its geological past have raised the Southern canyon wall and dropped the Northern. Strange Earthlights are common over such regions the world over.

One of its famous peaks is called Thunder Mountain due to it being struck repeatedly during the rainy season round about August time. Walt Disney used to live here and thunder mountain features in his film Fantasia where Mickey Mouse climbs Thunder Mountain and conducts the lightning at the top with his wands. It truly is a magical place. The refugees from the sunken continents of Lemura and Atlantis are reported to have settled in scattered locations all over the world and those from lemura made this their home.

It is reported that under Boynton Canyon there is an alien base and this is one of the reasons for so many sightings.

When we left Sedona we stopped and shut off the car headlights and looked at the night sky. No cloud or smoggy haze and no light pollution from civilization detracted or muted the best night sky I have ever seen. Orion, so easy to identify in our English skies, was lost due to the astonishing number of other stars in and around, this normally easy to identify constellation back home.

I was amazed at how easy it was to see the Milky Way running to the left of the Orion constellation and it reminded me of Graham Hancock’s book Heaven’s Mirror. With no light pollution in those days, how on earth did they identify Orion with all these other stars? Unless of course they were told that this was the home of some of the gods. Others living in the Pleiades?

Circumstances have conspired with fate and we will not be going back to Sedona this year but maybe next. I want to see those other vortex’s and see if they are all the same or different.

It is at times like this that I wonder what the energy on Mars and other planets feel like. Do they feel the same as Earth or do they have their own characteristic feel? Do they speak a different language? Would we be able to understand it? Or would it feel familiar as we perhaps return home?






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