Brainwave and Geomagnetic Synchronization



To begin first you will need an understanding of how to read the charts below. The multi-colored vertical bar graph  on the right is the intensity of each individual brainwave and their sub-frequencies. Our brainwaves cover a wide bandwidth and can occupy several Hertz. The white horizontal line you see imposed over the vertical bar graph is raw brainwave data. The brainwave monitoring equipment uses an algorithm to create the image you see on the left. It is known as FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) and it permits us to see what brainwaves are dominant at any given time. Beneath the bar graph you will see two meters. One labeled Attention and the other Meditation. They indicate my level of attention and level of meditation at any given time. At the bottom of the chart you will see a white colored chart with grids. This chart is a product of a large magnetometer which is monitoring naturally occurring magnetic energy emanating from the ground beneath where I am sitting. If you have not read the USGS Geomagnetic survey I have posted on the home page it would be a good time to do so. Also Dr. Michael Persinger's work with weak rotating magnetic fields. So what are we looking for in these charts? Quite simple! We are looking for magnetic activity as displayed in the white chart, (Natural Earth Magnetic In or Outflow), and what comparison we may see in "Raw Brainwave Data". Then we can observe what state of mind I am in during the "in or outflow" of magnetic activity by looking at the "Attention/ Meditation" Indicators. We will also be able to see what brainwave "s" are dominant at that particular time. Dominant Delta occurs during sleep. Theta and Alpha during relaxation and meditation. Beta is a product of awake, alert and active. Above Beta into Gamma is wide awake and very active. I have used the chart below as a means to explain how to read the charts but this chart also serves another purpose. It was recorded at the beginning of this outing and shows my brainwave activity while no natural magnetic activity is present. All quiet!



In this chart below please see the white chart with grid. As you can see magnetic in and outflows have begun. I have added the green tracing lines so you can see what raw brainwave event coincides with what earth generated magnetic event. At this point I recorded both in and outflows of magnetic energy as if Mom Nature was trying to decide if she should emit inflow or outflow magnetic energy. It is not displayed in the chart but the magnetic energy emits or returns into the earth in a spiral motion. Outflow is indicated by a positive (upward) reading in the graph and inflow by a (downward) reading in the graph. I will add comments to each chart that follows as time permits but it is evident the "Naturally Occurring Magnetic Energy" in Sedona has a distinct effect on "Human Brainwave Activity". More tests are needed with a number of volunteers so these findings can be verified. Any volunteers? If you are planning a trip to Sedona and would like to be part of such a field experiment please contact me at: The final chart on this page reflects magnetic activity subsiding and brainwave activity returning to normal.























In this final chart magnetic activity subsides and brainwave activity returns to normal.